You are over your head in debts

and need help!




I have been in debt. I completely empathize with your situation. 25 years ago, I was bankrupt. Life gets the better of your paycheque. You get divorced, lose your job, go on strike, dog get hit by a car and vet bills, maybe you have an injury...and it just keeps snowballing!


First you try to increase your credit to get more credit pay other credit, then before you know it you have no credit left and can barely make your minimum payments. You start selling your cars, cashing in your savings and RRSP's, borrowing from parents...and finally many people Google "debt consolidation" or "debt help".


Sound like you?


According to Equifax Canada report, the average debt held by Canadians stands at $20,891 as of 2015 with auto loan and instalment loan sectors showed the most significant increases.  


Maybe your thinking that those Non-profit Debt Consolidation companies is the way to go too. 


Before you start calling the well known advertised "Get equity from you home" people, please call us.  Many of those "easy, no income qualifying, no credit" loans are 10% in fees and 9-19% in rates! The fees alone are highway robbery!  


If you have been turned down by your bank for a consolidation loan, call us.  I take the whole picture and give you an UNBIASED situational recommendation.  


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