Canadian mortgage services for people living or buying in Costa Rica

Are you a Canadian living in Costa Rica looking for a Canadian Mortgage Broker that can work with you in Costa Rica?

Sometimes you just want someone to talk to in person even when you are not in Canada


  1. No need to spend expensive hours on the phone with you BANK or waiting days for emails.

  2. Options for your mortgage renewal instead of just “signing” what the Bank gives you as rate options

  3. Accessing your Canadian Property equity to buy a home in Costa Rica

I can assist for all your Canadian Mortgage needs!


  1. ONLINE in person meetings, local Whats APP, or in person if you are within the Guanacaste region.

  2. Can assist with getting documents online and that are required to qualify and close

  3. Can work with your Bank directly and local lawyers to assist in your closing for purchases while not leaving Costa Rica.

  4. Have access to PRIVATE mortgages 

What options are there for financing homes in Costa Rica?

The cheapest option is to refinance your home in Canada and pay in Cash.  If you have a home in Canada with a significant amount of equity you can

  1. keep your existing mortgage and ADD a Secured Line of Credit

  2. Move to a full Home Equity Line of Credit program such as the Manulife One

  3. Access a 2nd mortgage via private lending in Canada

Mortgage and Financing options.

  1. What is the Manulife ONE program?

  2. Getting Financing with a Secured Line of Credit

  3. What is private Financing both her in Costa Rica and in Canada?

Manulife ONE.