There are hundreds of Realtors. Your mom has a friend, your friend has a friend, you walked into a local Realtor do you know their skills?


When I choose a Realtor as a referral partner, I do not take "cuts", "bonuses" or "fees" to refer them...because I look for QUALITY. Experience doesn't even matter so much. Sometime the younger ones are far more up-to-date on the Real Estate world than the older, more experienced ones. Yes, paperwork is important, but if they miss something...I always catch it anyways. These are Realtors that I have PERSONALLY worked with. They are fantastic!


You want a Realtor that


#1 - isn't so darn busy that they can't attend to your phone call, emails, texts and proper client support. A popular realtor, doesn't mean BETTER.

#2 - has NEGOTIATION skills! this is a business of negotiation. A sap with no backbone is not the Realtor for you.

#3 - listens more than talks. This means really understanding what you looking for and why. If you want a out-building for a workshop, they better be showing you those and not attached garages only. 

#4 - does NOT refer your mortgage to a BANK for an approval. Many Banks pay the Realtors big commissions. Are they really looking out for YOUR best interest or their paycheque?  Mortgage Brokers fiduciary duty is to the CLIENT's best interest first...not the Bank.


Vancouver Metro

Shannon Cooney

Royal LePage Westside

When you meet Shannon, you instantly feel that sense of warmth, compassion and professionalism.  Her "bigger than life" personality makes her a fantastic Realtor to have on your team; for those living/buying Vancouver side of the Fraser River. Ask her about her tv roles too...she is quite the star...litteraly.

Breanna Fernie

Phone: 604-831-9115



Breanna has a love for tennis and wine. She specializes in 

Turnkey Investment Properties in the downtown Vancouver core. 

Mantra "put your money where your house is",

She puts on Wealth Building Seminars. 

Fraser Valley

Corbin Chivers
& Chris McGill

Contact: 604-530-4141 

Chris McGill: (604) 889-1659


HomeLife Realty

The "Power Duo". Corbin has a love of fitness and you know what they say " healthy body, healthy mind". Laziness doesn't even cross his mind. He really works hard to take good care of all his clients needs.


Chris is "the charmer". Fantastic negotiater and professional taught by his Real Estate parents Donna McGill who has been in the industry for the past 16 years. They also have "inhouse" staging and assistance with moving.

Cole Gordy

HomeLife - Langley


Taya Docksteadter

Contact: 604-319-7416


MacDonald Realty


There’s determination. And then there’s determination. Anyone who knows Taya Docksteader will tell you she’s one of the most driven, persistent people they know. When she sets a goal or sees an opportunity, she does everything in her power to make it happen. She’s an eternal optimist and has always been a natural problem solver. There’s no more fitting example of these trademark traits than the story of how she married the love of her life.